Natural Human Function

by MITO (Monsters: 1, Tokyo: 0)



released December 31, 2014

MITO is...

Cody Collins - lead singer, piano / keyboard / synths, various
Travis Larocque - lead guitar, various
Alan "Needler" Henriquez - backing vocals, additional keyboards and stuff
Jared "Ren" Seabrook - drums / percussion, horns, rap vocals, various
Milo Neil - bass guitar, guitars, various / miscellaneous nonsense

All songs written by MITO.

Special thanks:
- God, for letting us be able to do these things and live without being smited (also for creating science and the ability to defy it)
- Friends, family, close-ones and colleagues
- our ultra best friends at "Colon Dee" (Onac, Mimi, Silva, Sy, Drake, Steve, Bria, Zach, Cola, the list goes on..)
- Freen in Green, amazing band, thanks for helping us all get together as a group
- Tobey McTired (I have no idea why he's on here)

- Beck
- Gorillaz
- They Might Be Giants
- The Apples In Stereo
- Goldfish



all rights reserved


MITO (Monsters: 1, Tokyo: 0) Mississippi

Cody, Trav, Needler, Ren, Milo. 'Monsters: 1, Tokyo: 0', also known as Mito. What are we? What type of music do we play? We don't even know really, so I guess you'll have to figure it out for yourself.

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Track Name: Saturn Song
Saturn song
Sat unsung for too long
Saturn song
sat unsung for too long
Saturn Song
sat unsung for too long
Saturn song
sat unsung for too long
Track Name: Magnetic Attraction
You stood around and stayed a while for me / I don't understand / why you would wait on a fool who cries with clammy hands / but yet I wonder just what is the deal / do you feel what I feel? / I know theres something more but I want to know if its real /
Track Name: Earth Bound (Closer To Home)
I can't believe I'm close to home / I'm not sure how I'm almost there / I've sang my Saturn song / I've sang it for too long / can you just take me home, please?